Reflections for 2023 - Trying to Achieve Balance Across Career, Relationships, Health and Finances

When I sat down to reflect on 2023, I realized my goals were pretty similar to last year's - grow my career, strengthen relationships, get healthier, and save/invest wisely. As we get older, balancing these things gets trickier!

The year was a rollercoaster, but focusing on consistency paid off. By my mantra of "give it my best shot each day," most things turned out well.

Summary of 2023


The first few months were rough. Being the secretariat of a huge work event meant overseeing everything. The long hours spent overseeing numerous aspects tested my time management and resilience. Working with different teams to get plans right, tracking progress, and anticipating issues was nonstop.

But we pulled it off! Months of prep led to a successful event.

In the second half of 2023, I attended a career progression course, and exceeded my own expectations. Looking back, maintaining focus on the end goal and visualising the outcomes made the process easier, even during tough times. Staying resilient and not giving up when stressed was key to reaching my career objectives.


When work stresses peaked, my family and friends kept me sane. Whether listening to my venting or grabbing meals together, their support was everything.

I got the opportunities to bond with friends and loved one during trips to Boracay, Danang, Malang and KL. After each major work milestone, these getaways were a rewarding chance to enjoy new experiences and forge lasting memories.

Long overdue family vacation is high priority for 2024!

Health and Fitness

Health was mostly good apart from minor illnesses in December.

On the fitness front, I achieved major milestones like completing my first half marathon and 10 pull-ups. I also hit new personal bests for my 5k run. Overall, the physical gains gave me greater mental clarity and positivity. I credit increased focus on proper rest, diet and stress management for enabling my fitness achievements.

Investing and Savings 

My investments took a backseat as my finances recovered from a major home purchase. I restarted my passive portfolio contributions in September after a 9 month break. Lost some gains, but better late than never! Also spent more on food than intended - room to improve next year.

With upcoming reno and wedding costs, investing will be tight. Tradeoffs between priorities is just life.

2024 Goals 


  • Achieve above average grade for all team assessments, clear required competencies within timeline
  • Be a leader that people respects, turn to when they face issues, cultivate a positive work culture where everyone is appreciated for their work and uphold standards
  • Spearhead a project that improves the organisation 

Reminder to self to lead by example, when in doubt always just clarify and ask - do not hold back, look at the big picture, envision the end outcome, stay consistent in both thinking and actions and enjoy the process! 


  • Family: Be there for them and listen to their concerns. Go for 2x overseas trips, and a short trip to JB. Bring them to new restaurants/areas to explore. 
  • Gf: Be a supportive partner, communicate clearly. Go for 1x short trip and 1x long overseas trip. Spend time with gf's parents to strengthen bonds
  • Friends: Keep in touch with close group of friends, and ex work colleagues.  

Health and Fitness

  • Achieve IPPT Gold, run below 10:30 for 2.4km. Exercise at least every alternate days (min 30mins cardio/standard workout routine) 
  • Achieve 2hrs for half marathon 
  • Go for a comprehensive medical check-up 
  • Avoid sugary drinks (choose unsweetened option) and fried food
  • Reduce weight to 83kg 

Investing and Savings

  • Resume monthly investment into passive portfolio (invest more when drop by 10%/20% etc) 
  • Set aside monthly money for renovation + wedding in a high yield savings account 
  • Update stocks tracker after every results release 

Here's to crushing 2024 with consistency, resilience, and balance!

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